Employee engagement is a complicated issue, but we help federal leaders develop actionable plans to address their unique workforce challenges.

Our agency resources help organizations understand their Best Places to Work data and use it to transform their culture. We provide custom data analysis, host events and online workshops on promising practices, and teach government managers and frontline supervisors how to keep employees engaged over the long term.

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Promising Practices for Agencies

Case Studies
Ten Years of the Best Places to Work Rankings

The Partnership and Deloitte examined the past decade of Best Places to Work rankings to profile six high-performing agencies. Learn from their experiences and get tips to increase employee satisfaction and commitment at your agency.

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2015 Best Places to Work Analysis
Moving the Needle on Employee Engagement During the Presidential Transition

During a presidential transition, managers must find ways to creatively and proactively communicate with employees. Read the Partnership and Deloitte’s analysis to learn more about the essentials of communicating with federal employees during a presidential transition.

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Connecting HR, IT and Contract Specialists to their Agency Missions

This analysis identifies three key factors that have the greatest influence on the HR, IT and Contract Specialist communities’ job satisfaction and commitment.

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Employee Job and Workplace Satisfaction in the Law Enforcement Community

How do employees in the law enforcement community view their jobs and work environments? What are the unique workplace issues facing this community? How can law enforcement leaders address these issues? This analysis identifies three top workplace challenges facing law enforcement and provides effective strategies that agencies are using to improve in these areas.

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Upcoming Programs and Events

Building a Culture of Engagement: Virtual Training Series

This series of three 75-minute webinars helps frontline supervisors and managers use appreciation, communication and empowerment, known as the ACE model, to engage employees.

These online training sessions use research-supported methods, which have been successfully applied across government, to help address real-time challenges.


Mastering Action Planning

This two-day training provides instruction on the foundations of action planning and teaches you how to develop a customized “MAP” for improving employee engagement.

During the course of the workshop, you will begin creating this vital resource that will guide your agency through the process of cultivating a more engaged workforce.


5 Languages of Appreciation Training

This half-day training session, taught by a certified Appreciation at Work™ facilitator, will focus on how managers can use the 5 Languages of Appreciation framework to better engage their workforce and increase productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction and commitment.


Delivering Outcomes with Communities

Participants in this unique program will share experiences and learn tactics for assessing and addressing the challenges communities face. This three-day training will provide participants an opportunity to network with staff from other federal agencies, learn from federal and local leaders and subject matter experts, visit community-based organizations and share ideas with senior federal government officials.


Excellence in Government Fellows

Our Excellence in Government Fellows program prepares federal leaders to be more than managers. Through a proven combination of innovative coursework, best practices benchmarking, challenging action-learning projects, executive coaching and government-wide networking, this year-long program meets the interagency training requirements for OPM-approved candidate development programs.


Custom Offerings

By leveraging our Best Places to Work in the Federal Government scores, we help agencies better understand the complexities of their workforce satisfaction issues and develop solutions to improve them. Our custom offerings include specialized data analysis, action-planning development and implementation guidance.


Best Places to Work Custom Agency Services

The challenges you face are unique—so should be the solutions you develop to tackle them. To discuss how we can help your agency, contact us at or (202) 775-9111.


Educating government leaders about the impact of employee engagement is an important step toward improving agency productivity and enhancing overall government effectiveness.

We provide custom data analysis and action planning to help agencies learn from their Best Places to Work data and identify ways to improve employee engagement.


By seeing their scores on an annual basis, agency leaders can develop a clear picture of how they’re struggling to engage employees—and how they can improve. They can also use the scores to create targeted solutions to address their key workforce concerns and mark their progress when the rankings come out the following year.

To assist federal leaders, we provide free Best Places to Work briefings. The one-hour agenda includes agency data review, Best Places to Work history and methodology, and leading practices across government.