The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings do not just identify problems—they serve as the foundation for solutions. Federal leaders use the rankings as a roadmap to better manage our government’s most important asset: its people. 

The Partnership has two decades of experience providing a data-driven and multitiered approach that helps agencies transform their culture. Created together with the Boston Consulting Group, our Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings show that maintaining a highly engaged workforce is key to driving productivity, service quality and organizational performance.

The Partnership has a team of subject matter experts who use a proven process to help agencies achieve their employee engagement goals.

Two colleagues discuss data findings.

Data Analysis and Uncovering the Employee Voice

While the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey provides agencies with a wealth of knowledge about their employees’ concerns, it offers little guidance for addressing them. The Partnership has analyzed the FEVS for over 20 years as part of our Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings. We have also worked with agencies across government to collect qualitative data to better understand employee perspectives and requests. Our quantitative and qualitative data analysis services include:

  • FEVS thematic and trend analysis.
  • Demographic analysis.
  • Focus groups.
  • Pulse surveys.
  • Individual interviews.

We will work with your team to identify the appropriate methodology to ensure employees feel comfortable speaking freely and anonymously.

Group of engaged employees in a discussion.

Developing Leadership Priorities 

Leaders play an essential role in identifying workforce priorities and designing organizationwide plans to address persistent engagement issues. Without executive leadership paving the way, cultural change is impossible. Our team convenes agency leaders for tailored retreats to create a group commitment for solving the challenges your workforce faces. During the retreat, we will relay themes from our data analysis and work with your executive team to develop an organizationwide engagement strategy to:

  • Identify priorities and goals. 
  • Collectively develop meaningful solutions to address consistent engagement issues. 
  • Establish norms and accountability mechanisms to ensure plans are implemented. 

Our programming also includes collecting insights from your retreat and developing a concrete action plan to address your organization’s systemic engagement challenges. 

Creating Action Plans

While your executive team develops an organizationwide strategy, each individual unit needs to focus on the unique challenges facing their teams. The Partnership will convene a combination of leaders, supervisors and employees to create engagement action plans that address team or office-specific goals. Our workshop content is driven by leadership priorities while also allowing individual units the flexibility to address specific challenges. These workshops convene individual units to develop their action plans through:

  • Consensus-building on priority areas using the FEVS and qualitative data.
  • Uncovering the root causes of the challenges found at specific levels of the organization.
  • Creating clear outcomes and brainstorming key activities to integrate into office-level action plans.

We also offer brief consultation sessions to help teams with more established plans refine and finalize them.

Consulting and Implementation 

Infrastructure Development 
Understanding the data and building action plans are only the first steps. Agencies must establish a strong infrastructure to implement and sustain their plans. Our services include supporting you in developing communications and evaluation plans to ensure your employees are aware of the impact of your initiatives. These offerings include half-day workshops on communications and evaluation. 

We also help you build cohorts of employees called Engagement Ambassadors to carry out your engagement strategy over the long term. These individuals are essential for ensuring that each team implements their action plans and manages change in a way that guarantees sustainable success long after our services end. 

Custom Offerings

Our subject matter experts provide customized sessions that meet an agency’s specific employee engagement challenges. Our team will help identify and create a strategy to address the key issues that adversely affect your employees. Session length can vary significantly based on your time and needs.

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