The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings do not just identify problems—they serve as the foundation for solutions. Federal leaders use the rankings as a roadmap to better manage our government’s most important asset: its people. 

The Partnership has two decades of experience in a data-driven and multi-tiered approach for helping agencies transform their culture around employee engagement. Maintaining a highly engaged workforce is key to driving productivity, service quality and organizational performance. Employees want to feel satisfied, recognized and supported in their responsibilities, and they want to believe that their work resonates with their values. Leadership must be prepared to do their part in creating this environment and be held accountable to achieve results. When leaders invest in employee engagement, they reap benefits through higher employee retention, more effective customer relationships and improved performance.

Two colleagues discuss data findings.

Data Analysis and Uncovering the Employee Voice

The annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey provides agencies with a wealth of knowledge about their employees’ concerns. However, the survey doesn’t provide information on root causes or offer solutions for addressing these concerns. 

The Partnership has studied and analyzed the FEVS for years as part of our Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings and helped agencies identify themes and trends that exist in their data. We also examine the unique experiences of employees based on different demographics, occupations, GS-levels and lengths of employment to better address their specific issues. For years, our team has also worked with agencies of all sizes to gather qualitative data through focus groups, pulse surveys and individual interviews. We will work with your team to identify the appropriate number of discussions, participants, themes and processes to ensure employees feel comfortable speaking freely and anonymously. 

Group of engaged employees in a discussion.

Developing Leadership Priorities 

Leaders play an essential role in identifying and designing organization-wide plans to address persistent engagement issues. Our team convenes agency leaders for retreats or workshops to support this work. We use quantitative and qualitative data to facilitate conversations with leaders who will determine agency engagement goals and priorities. We work with leaders to establish norms and accountability mechanisms that ensure their plans are implemented. 

Creating Action Plans 

Our team convenes a combination of leaders, supervisors and employees to create engagement action plans for team- or office-specific goals. Our workshop content is driven by leadership priorities while also allowing individual units the flexibility to address specific challenges identified at their level. We use the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and qualitative data to inform the session, helping participants uncover the root causes of their challenges, create clear outcomes and brainstorm key activities to integrate into their action plans. 

Consulting and Implementation 

Understanding your data and building action plans are only the first steps. Agencies must establish a strong infrastructure to implement their plans, communicate their initiatives internally and evaluate activities. Each agency’s challenges and circumstances are unique, and we will partner with you to ensure a successful outcome. Our services can include: support on internal communications, administering pulse surveys, program evaluation, and additional leadership coaching and support. 


Our subject matter experts provide customized sessions that meet an agency’s specific employee engagement challenges. Our team will help identify and create a strategy to address the key issues that adversely affect your employees. Session length can vary significantly based on your time and needs.

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