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2022 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® Rankings

Government-wide scores for four workplace categories 

As part of our Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® collaboration with The Washington Post, the Partnership for Public Service and Boston Consulting Group are providing an advance look at scores that reflect how employees across the government view four important aspects of the workplace experience. These aspects are agency performance, work unit performance, transparency by leaders about goals and expectations, and work-life balance. 

The agency performance category score for 2022 is 78.0 out of 100, demonstrating that three-quarters of those surveyed believe their agency is achieving its mission. Employees gave even higher marks in the work unit performance category with a score of 83.6, which reflects employee views on whether their immediate work unit produces high-quality work and contributes to the agency’s overall performance. In the performance transparency category, the government-wide score for 2022 is 76.1, showing that three-quarters of those surveyed believe they are informed about the expectations and goals set by leadership for themselves, their teams and their agencies.  

The government-wide employee work-life balance category, which reflects the extent to which employees consider their workloads reasonable and feasible, and believe their managers support a balance between work and life, is 72.3. 

On April 12, 2023, the Partnership and BCG will provide government-wide scores on additional critical workplace issues, including employee views on their leaders, pay, recognition, innovation, customer service, mission match, teamwork, and diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. 

Government-wide Scores by Category

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*Due to changes in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey participation and calculation methodology, workplace category scores from 2022 can only be compared to 2021 and 2020. Workplace scores from 2019 can only be compared to 2018, and scores can be compared from 2003 to 2017.  

*Because the Department of Veterans Affairs and several other agencies did not participate in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and instead decided to administer their own internal surveys, they are not included in federal government-wide workplace category scores, but are part of the agency rankings.