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The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings don’t just identify problems—they serve as the foundation for solutions. Federal leaders use the rankings as a roadmap to better manage our government’s most important asset: its people.

The best organizations understand that an engaged workforce leads to enhanced performance. Our suite of services has helped agencies develop a workforce that is more engaged and productive—and we can do the same for yours.

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Unlock your agency’s data

Enhanced data analysis
For the Best Places to Work data to be most useful, you need to turn the insights into action. Our experienced data analysts can evaluate your survey data using Partnership-developed tools and techniques to pinpoint the key issues and trends affecting employee engagement.

Bring employees into the conversation

Focus groups
The Partnership facilitates employee focus groups and listening sessions to provide organizations with deeper insights into employee pain points. As a neutral third party, we can help your workforce and leadership collaborate to generate ideas to improve employee engagement.

Invest in your leaders

Leadership development programs
Participants in our leadership development programs come away with the skills needed to inspire confidence in their teams and motivate employees to perform at their best. We offer a variety of open-enrollment and custom programs, including the Excellence in Government Fellows program, to develop innovative federal leaders who can drive organizational change, achieve results and deliver on their agencies’ missions.

Group coaching
These sessions are ideal opportunities for small groups of federal leaders to address shared employee engagement challenges and develop solutions under the guidance of an experienced coach. They learn techniques to immediately use with their teams, develop solutions and hold each other accountable for action.

Leadership retreats
Retreats provide leaders with the opportunity to consider successes and challenges in the workplace environment, align themselves around a collective agenda and develop a strategy to improve employee engagement.

Change the workplace culture

Engagement Ambassadors
An intensive three-day course helps agencies prepare a dedicated group of leaders to be responsible for organizing engagement efforts. Participants learn how to use the Best Places to Work data to inform organizational priorities, create plans and design engagement initiatives.

Building a Culture of Engagement
This training series provides frontline leaders and supervisors with strategies to enhance morale and improve the workforce culture. Participants learn how to boost engagement through personalized recognition, direct communication and empowering practices. The offering can be provided in-person or through a series of three 90-minute virtual sessions.

Mastering Action Planning
This two-day training program empowers leaders to develop a plan to improve employee engagement throughout their agencies. Participants learn the essentials in designing data-informed action plans, facilitating valuable conversations and managing change.

Custom engagement offerings
Our subject matter experts can provide customized sessions that meet an agency’s specific employee engagement challenges. Our team will help identify key issues that are adversely affecting employees and create a strategy to address those problems. Session length can vary significantly based on your time and needs.


To discuss how we can help your agency, contact us at [email protected] or (202) 775-9111.