Very Small Agency Scores

As part of our analysis of the 2015 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® data, we calculated the employee satisfaction and commitment scores for seven very small agencies that have fewer than 100 permanent employees.

A number of these agencies, which have at least 30 respondents, requested that their index scores be calculated so they could compare themselves to other federal organizations. Because of the small size of the group, these agencies are not included the full Best Places to Work rankings.

Agency 2015 2014 Change (2014‑15)
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission 77.9 78.7 -0.8
Office of Government Ethics 71.6 62.3 9.3
Postal Regulatory Commission 62.4 59.5 2.9
National Indian Gaming Commission 62.2 63.6 -1.4
Inter-American Foundation 53.8 40.4 13.4
Institute of Museum and Library Services 46.6 66.4 -19.8
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board 27.8 33.7 -5.9